FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few answers of your likely Queries:

A. No, You can appear ISSB only once in a session.
A. No. The assessment systems for all services are the same.
A. We discourage candidates to undergo coaching for the reasons that it hinders the spontaneity of an individual. Candidates who undergo coaching present a prototype behavior that hides his/her originality. At times coached candidate is prone to become single tracked.
A. You should be free and spontaneous. Do not be too assertive that you will have to get your selection. This may create unusual tension in you.
A. No, selection is made entirely basing on your performance in ISSB. Remember the Red Remarks on your Call up Notice. “You are advised herewith beforehand that No one should approach directly or indirectly to ISSB physically or through anybody for your Recommendation before or during your test. Any violation to this would be penalized by your withdrawal.”
A. Generally the web site is updated once the call-up letters of the respective board are sent by postal service. You should periodically check our web site to get early information about your call-up date from Search Box. To see the details of the call-up schedule you can also click on View Full List. If you have not received the call-up letter but your roll number exists there, you can directly come to ISSB as per the reporting instruction. But if you do not find your name in the list, you may email us or contact us over telephone for further information.
A. Generally they are not required however, they may come on 1 st day and can wait up to the result of screening test. They may come on final day again to receive you.
A. There is no difference in selection standard, but there are some variations in field events. You can check back the physical activities.
A. You will be provided with full time medical cover. If required candidates will be treated in CMH Dhaka .
A. No definite number is laid down in regard to selection of candidates out of a batch or group. If all of you in a group / batch come up to the required standard, all of you will be selected.
A. You should frankly tell the truth and nothing but the truth. This will definitely help you. You can impress by your natural performance and do not try by artificial efforts. You should not hide any information by made up response.
  • Be yourself. Have confidence on your own ideas and ability
  • Attain language proficiency (Bangla & English)
  • Try by yourself
  • Read English news paper
  • Listen to English news from radio, TV etc.
  • Improve your hand writing and increase writing speed
  • Try to obtain general knowledge and remain updated with current affairs, everyday science and burning events around the country and globe
  • Acquire qualities of Head and Heart
  • Improve physical fitness
    1. Jog and run everyday
    2. Strengthen your hand and leg muscles
    3. Practice rope climbing
    4. Practice high jump and long jump
    5. Practice sit-up and push-up


# Above answers are likely to satisfy your queries. However, you may mail us to this address: info@issb-bd.org for additional information.

# You may also contact us over following telephone numbers during working days (between 0830 to 1300 hrs): 880-2-8754266, 880-2-8871234 ext: 4266