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Day-wise Sequence of Activities

Regular and Other Courses:

Total 4 days test for all fully boarded candidates.

 Day 1 - Morning

          o Candidates report to ISSB by 0730 hours

          o Welcome address

          o Intelligence and Picture Perception and Description test (PPDT)

          o Announcement of screening out result

(Screened out candidates will not attend the subsequent tests)

 Day 1 - Afternoon

          o Personality Test

          o Essay writing (Bangla & English )

Day 2

          o Group Discussion-1 (Bangla & English)

          o Progressive Group Task (PGT)

          o Half Group Task (HGT)

          o Extempore Speech

          o Individule Obstacle (IO)

          o Interview

    Day 3

          o Planning Exercise (Written & Discussion)

          o Command Tasks (CT)

          o Mutual Assessment

          o Interview

   Day 4

  • Assessment conference

  • Announcement of final results and Final Briefing

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